If I owned a Midland Limo Company…

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Our Brightly Decorated Church Group

Our Brightly Decorated Church Group

Have you ever been to Midland, Texas?  How about Odessa Texas? Both are actually not the worst place in the world -especially when you spice things up with a Midland Limousine.

While far away from the city life, these quiet towns can actually be a lot of fun in different ways.  You get away from the loud sounds of the city streets and take a nice turn out to the desert.  It may be far away from most considered “civilization”, but nonetheless, a beautiful place.

The oil fields are plentiful out here and there is a cornucopia of jobs available for those who wish to work the wells.  Even more important than the growing oil and business industry, is the lavish homes that cascade the flats of Midland.  Rather well known for being the best limo service Midland TX has available, this limousine service offers some of the finer things in life for those who need a limo for prom, weddings, birthdays or any special event.

As you can see in our picture above, our church group was able to take this awesome red SUV limousine out for a day on the town to our church group known as Young Life.  It was even nicer on the inside.  There were really nice glass flutes, champagne; all the works that made the trip even that much better.  We even had soda and water for the kids.  This Midland Limo Service was really quite a stellar time, it was nice to see everyone have so much fun.

Unfortunately, sometimes you just don’t get a quality limousine service provider.  It’s happened in the past.  The limo might be old… warn down.. the leather almost tearing.  It’s no fun to order a limo that has definite signs of wear and tear and is extremely outdated.  Especially when you can pay the same price and usually get one of the newest models out on the market for a night on the town instead.

Just make sure to keep that in mind next time you’re renting a limousine and want to make sure the night or day trip will be a good time.  Sometimes, they won’t tell you it’s an old limousine.  Actually, often times they will not.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to look at the pictures they have displayed on their website and see if the limo company that you choose is right for you.  This is how we scored an awesome limo service in Midland with an even more killer inside!

Hopefully this nice little article helped you out.  I must be going now but everyone have a great week!



Pool Table Movers in San Diego

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pool_table_refelt_recoverWe are here to give you the best of the cornucopia and we just wanted to share a “public announcement with you guys. We recently had our pool table moved and by hell, was it about to be one of the biggest nightmares we had ever faced… Most luckily! It was not! We were fortunate enough to reach San Diego Pool Table Movers and have our pool table moved professionally instead. and phew, thank god because the thing is massive and weighs twice as much as it looks..

I feel so fortunate that we found this company because I did not know how we would otherwise be able to do this… Seriously. Have you ever had to move a 500 pound pool table down a flight of stairs, through the street and into a moving truck like this one in the picture? Then not to mention it had to be securely fastened so that it wouldn’t be damaged because god forbid that occurrence. THEN it has to be taken all the way to our beautiful new home where it is carried back up two half flights of stairs and put into it’s proper place in the game room. Phew, I’m sweating just thinking about moving this pool table.

After that, they put the pieces back together again and leveled the table for us. Our pool table mover guys were very nice to us and constantly assured to us “they got this”. I guess they really were experienced. They’ve probably moved more pool tables than I’ve seen in my entire life. I love our gorgeous new house in San Diego by the way, our pool table compliments the home so well and it is a staple to our game night as a family.

So this company was able to get our pool table together back in one piece and playing just the way it was at our previous house which I am very thankful for. And also, they let us know that they have a really good re-felting service as well for when the bumpers get worn out and the felt doesn’t play well anymore. That would be really cool to get a whole new recovered pool table with brand new felt and bumpers. I can only imagine breaking that thing in.

For now the move was enough. We will have to wait probably until next year to have the pool table recovered, new bumpers, and re-felted but I’m okay with that. San Diego Pool Table Movers really did a great job with the pool table move and I am proud of them.. I can’t believe I actually just said that, but really! It’s nice. And our pool table is very important to us. Happy Kathy. Come get some cornucopia with us.

The Cornucopia of Limo Rides

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When you think of a cornucopia, you don’t usually think about limos, however they are quite relevant because they are a cornucopia of luxury. Taking a limo ride is definitely a luxurious venture and should be handled with fun and ethical timing.

Sometimes you want to take a limo for a special day like your birthday, a wedding event, even a bachelor or bachelorette party. Well, you should because taking a limo is awesome. And there are so many awesome limos to choose from, that, maybe you should more often. So when you need a limo service in Irvine, get ready for this.

On the other hand, you might just want to have a limo all to yourself and your special someone. It definitely makes for a hot date, a beautiful night on the town and Irvine limo style is perfect for that. There are so many great limo rental services, that it may be difficult to choose from them. We understand that when you want a limo service in Irvine, you’ll want to choose from the best of all the Irvine limo services that are available. Let us help you out.

When choosing from the plethora of companies to arrange a limo service, Irvine has many options for you. And you may just think to yourself “well, hey, any limo that Irvine has to offer will do”. But, that is not entirely true because you want to have quality service and a very beautiful limousine – don’t you?

Well, the good news is, Irvine limo treatment has been narrowed down to 3 companies:
-Irvine  Limousine
-Royalty Limos
-Aall In Limo Service

These are the top rated limo services Irvine. But you know who the winner is? It’s Irvine Limo. Why? They have stellar service at the best prices. They are fairest to the customer, and know what quality is.

We actually took a trip in all 3 of these limos to see which one was the best and the decision was unanimous. If you want to know which Irvine limo was the most enjoyable, and for what reasons, come on over and check out, what we rated, the best limo service in Irvine, CA.

It was so important to us, we solely took these rides to hold a competition to see which limo service was the most outstanding (as far as our corporate credit card was concerned! But that’s a whole different story) and we have to say, these guys really impressed us. Outstanding as far as Irvine limo services go.

It’s great to know there is still quality service available, and people working hard to make money, not just ripping people off, or upping prices to make a quick buck!

So now that you know who the winner is, what’s your next adventure? Share with us in the comments below :)


Kathy’s Cornucopia

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Kathy’s Cornucopia is a selection between fine fine reading and all different kinds of awesome things that you can find out about your world. We bundle the best and deliver it to you all in one great place.

As a Thanksgiving cornucopia, we are the gift of all the greatest luxurious we have at our fingertips. Whether it’s traveling the world, transporting it, or basking in the glory of the sun,